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    School Construction


A group of people with humanitarian initiative aimed to establish a public interest trust in the name of Majeedia Educational & Charitable Trust in the year 2007 to collect charity and to distribute to the poor and needy people and for the construction of Prayer Hall, School.

The Vision

To the best of its kind in the field of humanitarian Aid.

The Aimed Categories

The low income virtuous families,Orphans - Poor Students,Widows,Divorces,Destitute,Prisoners Families,Patients,Old people,Specially needed people etc.

About Us

Majeedia Educational & Charitable Trust is a registered trust having Registration No. 116/7/BK-4.
It has done charitable acts after collection from the donors.
Every year its accounts are being audited by statutory auditors like chartered Accountants.

Vision / Aims

Majeedia envisions to achieve its mission by striving continuously in line with its stated goals and objectives and by planning and implementing relevant programmes and services with the cooperation of its members and the general public form all strata of Society .


Education is all a matter of building Bridges.


The Mission of Majeedia is to work and contribute towards the welfare and overall development of the community and mankind.


Majeedia as a centre for the promotion of missionary, education, knowledge & welfare.

Education is the most powerfull Weapon Which you can use to change The World .

Our Services


To provide excellent Education and supporting the national curriculum.

  • Acquiring knowledge
  • Understanding ideas and reasonings
  • Perfecting skills and confidence
  • Developing good attitudes and manners
  • Make progress and be challenged in each area of learning


Help, Support and enable the learning of young people in order that they may realise their full potential in shaping their own lives.

  • Promote the social and economic status of all young people
  • Recognise, respect and encourage initiatives of young people.
  • Offer a variety of education
  • Offer support to young people through the transitions
  • they experience in moving from childhood to adulthood.


Pay the medical and surgical Bills for poor

  • Medical Help
  • Paying Bills for chronic disorders
  • Dialysis expenses
  • Performing Operations such as Catract, ENT, Stomach Disorders, etc.


Help the poor

  • Pension to Widows
  • Destitutes
  • Divorces
  • Old age
  • Issue less poor.


We request you to contribute your Zakath,Sadqath,Khirath,Hadiya etc. to Majeedia Educational & Charitable Trust for success of the mission.
We deliver your donations to the orphans,widows,divorces,destitutes,poor students,medical expenses for poor patients etc.
Pay On line by Credit/debit card or On line transfer through ibank facility or through cheque or cash deposit to our bank account or Pay On line through MyFundbox.

Focused on helping the Poor to build a successful future.

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We distribute your charity to make success to your vision of help

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Focused on helping the needy through humanitarian timely help

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Construction of a building at a cost of Rs.38 lakhs for imparting technical education like tailoring and computer for education.

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Construction of Prayer Hall cost of Rs.67.50 lakhs with all amenities.

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Scholorship For Students.

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Ramazan Packets .

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International Collaboration


One of the biggest Social and Charitable organizations in Germany called Aktive Jugend.They provide developmental support, youth advocacy and education.

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